Ready-To-Use Contract Template in English



Ready-To-Use Contract Template (EN)

Sometimes, in international transactions, we need a customized contract that needs a legal team to work on. However, not all businesses can afford to hire in-house legal counsel to do the work. Sometimes this also requires us to do researches on matters unfamiliar to us.

If our personalized contract-drafting service is not your style, you can download our contract template below according to your needs.

Please finish your payment first so we can send you the download link. We recommend you finish the payment immediately since the download link will only last for 7 days.

Currently, we only receive payment through bank transfer, after you make payment, please send your payment receipt to:

You will directly be able to download your purchased document after finishing the payment.

Please consult further if you need any assistance in filling in the contract.

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Power of Attorney, Statement Letter, Founders Agreement, Partnership Agreement, Lease Agreement, Treademark License Agreement


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